19 PIGmalion (Eliza)

The inspiration for “Eliza”, as she is affectionately known amongst the pupils, was inspired by the main school house at St. Edmund’s being the principal residence of George Bernard Shaw in the early 1900’s.

It is chronicled that whilst living at Blen Cathra, as the house was then called, Shaw penned the initial chapters of his famous literary composition, ‘Pygmalion’.

It was an instantaneous moment of golden wordplay and the St. Ed’s sponsored ‘PIGmalion’ was born!

St. Edmunds School
Amazing Grace, High Street
Livy Walliker(livywalliker@gmail.com)

Having completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at the University of Creative Arts in Farnham, Livy is beginning a degree in Fine Art at York St. John University in September this year. Livy enjoys a multi-media approach to her art, currently specialising in set design and ceramic sculpture. She loves a challenge which is why she jumped at the chance of creating “PIGmalion” for St. Edmund’s School.